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2017 Submissions

Mind over Matter (WIP) Dance Song
Catchy Dance Melody (WIP) Dance Song
Everywhere (Trance) Trance Song
Live in Hope Dance Song
The Eternity Trance Song
Here to Stay (WIP) Dance Song
Infinite Universe Trance Song
1, 2, 3 Times a Trancer Trance Song
Destiny Trance Song
Sweetness of Dreams Dance Song
Beau Paysage Dance Song
Battlefield Theme Remix Dance Song
Saskid's Fatality Remix Dance Song
Infinite Universe (WIP) Trance Song
The New Age Dance Song
I Believe - SASKID Trance Song
If Melodies Could Kill Trance Song
A New Beginning Trance Song
Free Background Music Dance Song
I Believe (WIP) Trance Song
The Beginning - Collab Dance Song
Simple Menu Music! Dance Loop
Landscape of Beauty Classical Song
I'll Keep you Safe Trance Loop
When we're Together Trance Song

2010 Submissions

2009 Submissions